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If you are planning to visit Korea and looking for the best place for the best time that you have in Korea you may want to visit Everland that locate in Seoul Korea. Everland is a famous place for Korean people and Foreigners which is the biggest Theme Park in South Korea with the most exhilarating amusement parks. Everland is one of the world’s most popular amusement parks. These theme park is very to travel. For those traveler who are planning to go to Korea you have to visit this place. This attraction is a place that you must add to your trip no matter what. At this place you can have fun! with world class theme park. In south Korea there are 2 favorite theme park that call Lotte World and Everland, if you still can not decide which place that you really want to visit so let’s ask you interest first. If you are the one that love thrilling you have to visit Everland because in Everland theme park they have a machine that made from wood and it call wooden rollercoaster these rides able to rush your adrenaline for sure. The owner of everland theme park is Korea’s No. 1 electronics company (Samsung). It is one of the most popular amusement parks in the world in 2005. Each year there will be tourists come from around the world with more than 9 million people. For Foreigners who would like to visit this theme park you have to check weather carefully because these theme park is outdoor theme park and it is very cold, for the recommendation for all foreigners is to bring a thick sweater with you when you visit these theme park in winter season. Get your body fit before you go because these theme park have very large area when compare with other theme park such as Universal Studio Japan and Tokyo Disneyland, this theme park is much larger.

How many Zone in Everland Theme Park?

Everland amusement park have divided into 5 zones for you to enjoy when you enter into these theme park. Each zone has different name for example Zootopia, American Adventure, Global Fair, Magic Land, and European Adventure. Everland is the only one theme park that you can viewing a lot of animal from many different species. Let’s see in detail from each zone.

  • Zootopia – This zone is very interesting. It is a zone where you will find animals. There is also a children’s playroom. Let the children play with it. The highlight of this zone is. Water shake will take you to see the animals in the zone itself. Compared to Thailand. This zone is considered a Safari World Zoo. Of Thailand, it is. We have many animals to choose. Important animals in this zone, some species are not in Thailand.
  • Global Fair – another interesting zone. This zone is an architectural zone. It has been blended into old and new styles like Mesopotamia, Renaissance and Modern.
  • American Adventure – This zone is decorated. Let us like to go out in the United States 500 years ago, so tourists will experience. America in the Early Era In this zone, we have open music. Come with fun rhythms, let us walk with the dance ever. Zone is also the location of the player on the other. Very good for People who like to play the terrorist.
  • Magic Land – This zone is for children. Within the zone there will be a lot of cute animal characters suitable for those who travel to the family.
  • European Adventure – For those who like excitement. You have to rush to this zone. It is a zone that many tourists. I was heading to this zone before my friend. Because this zone has one of the most popular players that say that if anyone does not mind. That is a heart disease. Low pressure Do not play strictly A zone with a player named T Express is a highlight player. For the Everland amusement park, it was a great adventure. If you go out in the winter, then go for it. This is not enough. There is a cold. When I was on the roller coaster called T Express, this player. Also known as the highest wooden player in the world as well. Because it has a steepness of 77 degrees, it can also run at 104 km / h as well.

How to purchase Everland Tickets at Discount Price

If you are Foreigners and still looking for Everland Tickets you may want to visit website that selling this tickets. For the famous website that allow you to booking Everland tickets is call Klook. Klook is a website that you can find a variety of theme park tickets in Asia for example Universal Studio Japan, Hong Kong Disneyland, Fuji Q Highland, Lotte World, Everland, Ngong Ping 360, Singapore Universal Studio, Tokyo Disneyland and many more at discount price. Not only offer ticket for attraction and activities for the place that you want to visit but Klook also provide transportation tickets that you can purchase at their website such as JR Pass, Korea Rail Pass, Tokyo Skyliner, Octopus Card and many more. Everland tickets are also available at Klook.com. If you would like to purchase Everland tickets you should visit their website because the price of Everland tickets is cheaper than you purchase infront of Everland Selling Tickets Counter. For people who don’t want to wait for queue in Everland you may wany to purchase Ticket that call Q-PASS. Q-PASS is a ticket that allow you to skip the queue for the famou rides.

How to go to Everland?

There are 2 options for you to choose

  • First option is to take MRT Line 2 to Gangnam Station, then go to exit number 5 or number 6 or number 10 and then walk up. Take the bus 5002 in front of Krispy Kreme.
  • Second option Take the MRT Line 2 or Line 6 to Jamsil Station. Then take the 5700 bus.

** The bus goes to Everland. But not yet in front of the entrance. You must connect the Everland bus. The Everland bus will go down the front of Everland.

For anyone who is not comfortable ride the bus. I was afraid to be afraid to be introduced to the train. The train will be called Ever-Line. Take bus number 66 from Suwon Station to Yongin and take the Ever-Line to Everland.

Everland Map

Opening Hours – Everland Amusement Park

  • Everland Amusement Park will open at 10.00 am and will be closed at 9.00 pm. The daily shutdown times may change.
    Introduction to the Everland Park.

For the recommendation is a day trip to this amusement park. If possible, visit the theme park on weekdays. Do not choose to go on a weekend trip. Because you will meet the crowds who travel to this amusement park overwhelmingly. Stand on the cue to play on the side ever. Because in the weekend, Korean people will travel to this park a lot. Bus from Seoul It is so tight that you do not have a seat and a stand. Traveling to the theme park should travel in the morning. You will not have to spend a lot of time in the park. Remember to go first. Play the popular player first.

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