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Shanghai Disneyland Tickets Discount

Get Shanghai Disneyland Tickets and get Discount Here

For people who travel to Shanghai in China you may want to visit one of the biggest theme park in Shanghai which is the most well known theme park in China name Shanghai Disneyland. These theme park is a place that every children want to visit once a time in their life. Shanghai Disneyland is the first theme park in Mainland China and sure it’s very famous among Chinese people and also for Foreigners. This place is the world of boundless possibilities and a place that create cherished memories that last a lifetime. For anyone who have a chance travel to Shanghai, you must not miss the opportunity to travel to the new amusement park and the latest of Disneyland, it is the newest Disneyland amusement park. For entrance price or you can say Shanghai Disneyland Tickets price is much more cheaper when compare with Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland. Many traveler who decide to visit Shanghai will traveling to Shanghai Disneyland. If you can’t decide yet that you should visit these theme park or not let’s see information about Shanghai Disneyland below.

Shanghai Disneyland is considered to be a theme park where people who have the opportunity to travel in China may think that these theme park may not clean and have not good atmosphere. All we can say from experience that visit Shanghai Disneyland before. Shanghai Disneyland have standard of Disneyland in terms of cleanliness and very good services. The staff was very nice and if any rubbish in the area of these theme park it will be swept away within 2 minutes. If we talk about queue it is natural that the queue in Shanghai Disneyland will be divided into two types together, the first type will be the people to reserve the front. And walk into the second and that is that they like to hit the slick enough that we accidentally inserted immediately. Another part that needs to be told is that it is. Traveler that visit Shanghai Disneyland may face this problem. The atmosphere of the Disney theme park Disneyland can not beat the atmosphere of Tokyo Disneyland, but the players at Shanghai Disneyland is definitely fun. For the ride that considered to be the highlight of the Shanghai Disneyland theme park is mention below.

  • Tron Lightcycle Run
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Battle for the Sunken Treasure
  • Roaring Rapids
  • Soaring Over the Horizon
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Shanghai Disneyland Opening Hours

The opening hours of Shanghai Disneyland theme park will be open from 9.00 am and will be closed at 8.00 pm for those who would like to play all rides must visit these theme park before it open and you will not waste time on the queue before entering theme park.

How to purchase Shanghai Disneyland Tickets?

There are 2 ways to buy Shanghai Disneyland Tickets. First, you can order tickets from dealer in your country. Second is order ticket from website that provide tickets for Shanghai Disneyland. For the website that many people pick and select tickets for theme park around the world is call Klook website. Klook is a website that you can find and purchase online tickets at discount price. Not only offer tickets for your select theme park and attraction place but Klook also provide transportation ticket such as JR Pass, Korea Rail Pass and other transportation tickets around the world. At Klook website you can also find a variety of tickets such as Universal Studio Japan, Tokyo Disneyland, Ngong Ping 360, Cartoon Network Amazone, Hong Kong Disneyland, Fuji q Highland, Osaka Amazing Pass, Everland, Lotte World and many more. Shanghai Disneyland Tickets also available at Klook website with discount price. You can find more detail about Shanghai Disneyland Tickets at discount price below. For the recommendation for the people who would like to visit Shanghai Disneyland, you better purchase tickets from website or dealer in your country and don’t purchase tickets before you enter Shanghai Disneyland Theme Park because it will waste a lot of your time there, there are a lot of queue for purchase tickets.

How to visit Shanghai Disneyland

  • For a trip to Shanghai Disneyland, guests can take the subway line 11 to Disney Resort directly or take a car or a bus
  • For bus ride, you can take Pudong bus lines 50, 51 and 52 to Shanghai Disney Resort South Transport Hub and then walk to Shanghai Disneyland

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